SMACH SMACH provides total support from technology development to mass production.
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Development(engineering service) Massproduction Creation(SMACH original products)

Development(engineering service)

Our power electronics technologies are centering on motor & inverter and power source management. We provide product development support services that are customized for your needs. For example, Universal Inverter Driver shown on the picture is a very strong development resource whose modules such as power unit, control unit, communication unit, microcomputer program, and mechanical section can be selected from a variety of options, so the best combination of modules for your application can be created.

In addition, a technology coordinator with rich experience in automobiles, home appliances, industrial equipments, and other genre will be assigned to provide assistance to your project. With our service, your development time = cost will be reduced.

Development Examples

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Mass production

We mass produce power electronic devices and provide to various areas of business regardless of lots.
Development Examples

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Creation(SMACH original products)

We provide a variety of our original products developed on technologies and know-how that are accumulated through our experiences in development sites.
<Small LED Stroboscope> <Universal Inverter Driver >
Small and light handheld stroboscope with high-intensity LED as light source. The industry's top-class performance quality! Measurement is up to as much as 150,000 rpm.
SMACH's technologies are integrated in "Universal Inverter Driver," a driving unit for any kind of motor. To present motor driving technology as technology that is very common and approachable, extremely user-friendly GUI is equipped on Universal Inverter Driver. Technicians with little experience with motor driving technologies can quickly master how to use Universal Inverter Driver.
<Small General Purpose Driver> <Motor Evaluation Bench>
Convenient tool for identifying a motor's characteristics and for designing motor evaluation devices. The trestle table for placing a motor to be tested has elevation function, so centering can be easily adjusted. Customization is available upon request.

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