SMACH SMACH provides total support from technology development to mass production.
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Mass production
We mass produce power electronic devices and provide to various areas of business regardless of lots.Following are only a few examples of our experiences.
Inverter controller  for freezer generated by in-house power supply Inverter for devices in plant facilities (fan, pump)

開発から量産まで手がけたスマックの実績1 発電駆動式冷凍車インバータコントローラ

Next-generation freezer truck with high energy efficiency and meticulous temperature control equipped with an electric compressor generated by a special power generator via an inverter.

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Experience of SMACH from development to mass production -case 2

To reduce CO2 emission, devices with motors should have higher energy efficiency. By applying permanent magnet brushless motor with highly energy-efficient inverter, significant amount of energy on fans and pumps that are continuously run is saved.

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