SMACH SMACH provides total support from technology development to mass production.
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President's message

Along with the growing concern for protection of the environment, to reduce the amount of power consumption, growing number of motors' efficiency is being improved, i.e., growing number of motors are equipped with inverters. However, in many areas, the transition is not smoothly carried out due to technological difficulties. That is where "SMACH" comes in.
SMACH is a venture company specialized in power electronics technologies with its focus on technologies for controlling motors for energy efficiency. Utilizing the flexibility of a venture company, we develop products and provide engineering services that will perfectly match with customers' needs. You can expect to see highly value-added engineering services by SMACH, a technological innovation company.

Foundation April 16, 2003
President and CEO Sadao Kawahara
Capital ¥ 95,000,000
Head Quarter
2-1-61 Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-6114, JAPAN Access
Main Laboratory
HamaOtsu Annex Building, 18-8 Kinoshita-Cho, Otsu,Shiga 520-0812, JAPAN Access
【Main areas of business】
1. Development and sales of power electronics devices
2. Technological consulting services
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