Motor Testing System


SMACH can measure smart in any motor with Uiversal Inverter Driver!
We received a “Kansai Monodzukuri New Selection” award for 3 consecutive years

Kansai Monodzukuri New Selection
image:Motor Testing System

Wide variety of motor characteristics “can” be tested with Universal lnverter Driver
(brushless DC motor, reluctance motor, induction motor, etc.)

  • Arbitararily control the test motor and load motor to support various measurements.
  • Graphic display of various characteristics of torque, rotation speed, power, etc. measured with high accuracy.
  • Support drive control of sensorless motors.
  • Compatible with energy saving measurement systems with the energy circulation system
  • Compatible with test equipment systems with constant temperature baths and magnetic bearings.
  • Capable of handling high-speed and high-power bench tests.
    (Maximum torque: 500 Nm, Maximum rotation speed: 30,000 rpm)

Easy operation with measurement software “MCAT”


Various performances can be tested with high accuracy

motor-test_vari motor-test_vari_sp

Motor characteristics can be displayed graphically!


We provide Motor Testing Services!

  • Maximum torque:500Nm
  • Maximum rotation speed:30,000rpm

Our Motor Testing System can
measure up to the above ranges.
Please feel free to contact us.


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