SMACH SMACH provides total support from technology development to mass production.
Please contact us for solutions to your troubles with motor control technology.
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SMACH - professionals leaped out of Panasonic specialized in energy-efficient technology - has solutions for you SMACH Co., Ltd

For products and services:+81-77-526-8815
For employment:+81-77-526-8815

Jun 2009 Introduced in Nikkei Business ONLINE
Series "Revealed faces of Panasonic venture companies-Kounosuke's genes-"
May 2009 Exhibited at small-to-medium business exhibition 2009 in kansai
Apr 2009 Exhibited at TECHNO-FRONTIER2009 MOTORTECH
Feb 2009 Started selling Small LED Stroboscope
Aug 2007 Started selling Motor Evaluation Bench
Apr 2006 Started mass production of inverter controller for freezer generated by in-house power supply
Jun 2006 Consolidated technologies for Universal Inverter Driver and started selling the product
Jul 2005 Located development center in Otsu, Shiga prefecture
Jul 2005 Entered into exclusive sales agency agreement of cryocooler with a U.S. company, Sunpower, Inc
Jul 2005 Successfully developed small linear pulse tube cooler


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