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SMACH's Products

Small LED Stroboscope
Small and light handheld stroboscope with high-intensity LED as light source. Anyone can easily monitor dynamic behavior. Very useful to have one on a development site as well as on a repair and maintenance site.

[ Major Specification ]
  • Measuring range:60~150,000rpm(1~2,500Hz)
  • Accuracy:±0.1% or less
  • Light source:16 units of white LED
  • Power source:2 of size AA alkaline batteries (LR6)
  • Size: 75 x 168 x H54 mm 220g

  • ■Catalogue:Small LED Stroboscope(1070KB)
    PDF Download
    Price ¥47,000(+tax)
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    Universal Inverter Driver
    As a testing tool for development of control algorithm(induction motor vector control, PM motor[SPM, IPM, SynRM] torque control with MTPA. SRM dynamic control, etc). and for various other purposes. Universal Inverter Driver can also be used as a development tool for research devices.

    ■Catalogue:Universal Inverter Driver(6.29MB Only Japanese)
    PDF Download

    Quad-proof inverter(for HEV)
    As a rapid prototype of HEV inverter driver, "Quad-proof" concept product: heat-and-cold resistant, water-proof, dust-tightness, shock-proof. Inverter can also be used as a development tool for research devices.

    ■Catalogue:Quad-proof inverter(for HEV)(6150KB only Japanese)
    PDF Download

    Small General Purpose Driver
    A number of motor manufacturers are utilizing Small General Purpose Driver as a driving unit for a brushless DC motor (-1kW).

    [ Major Specification ]
  • Source voltage:DC12~60V
  • Rated output:~1 kW
  • Sensor input: Hall IC and more
  • Driving scheme: square wave, sine wave

  • User-specified customization is available as well.
    ■Panel:Small General Purpose Driver(554KB Only Japanese)
    PDF Download

    Motor Evaluation Bench
    The trestle table for placing a motor to be tested has elevation function, so centering can be easily adjusted.

    ■Catalogue:Motor Evaluation Bench(5.20MB Only Japanese)


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